Noel Aijima [Sleepless Cinderella PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Noel Aijima

Invitation code: I have none.

Common route

Episode 1: A word of lights

The CEO on the right.

Episode 2: Lucky Cinderella

I introduce myself.
Try talking to someone.

Episode 3: Up-close and personal

Talk back to him.
The entrance.

Episode 4: Spellbound

I can’t stand it.
My jacket.

Chapter 1: Permission denied

Try to keep cool.
Search for Mirai Kageyama.

Chapter 2: The other ones

No, I’m by myself.
Who’s your favorite actor ?

Chapter 3: Party crasher

Check my cell phone.
Push his hand off.

Chapter 4: Like father, like son

Push through to the front.
Stare right at him.

Chapter 5: Up close and personal

His racing uniform.
I just laugh it off.

Chapter 6: Playing favorites

Give him a cough drop.
Slap his hand off.

Chapter 7: His candid side

A high class hotel.
Coffee flavored milk.

Chapter 8: Closing the distance

Give it to Noel
Working out.

Chapter 9: First date

I read the instruction manual.

Chapter 10: Disconnected

Stick up for Mr. Harrison.

Chapter 11: Unstoppable feelings

Go to the casino.
Choose the fois gras steak.

Chapter 12: Spending the night

Joke around.
Tell him he’s right, looking very serious.

Chapter 13: Wavering hearts

Call Mirai.
I’m on your side, Noel.

Chapter 14: Decisions

Pretend not to have seen anything.
Yuzuki Kitaoji.

Happy end (Default) & Super Happy end (+42000TF) & Secret end (+42000TF / 80 Chemistry)


ICON - Noel