Asahi Minakawa CGs [Gakuen Club]

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Renji Kamiki [Gakuen Club]

Invitation code: I have none. Chapter 1NO CHOICE TO BE MADE. Chapter 2NO CHOICE TO BE MADE. End of the free trial. Chapter 3x Chapter 4x Chapter 5x Chapter 6x Chapter 7x Chapter 8x Chapter 9x Chapter 10x Chapter 11x Chapter 12x end (+) & end (+) CG

Gakuen Club

Invitation code: I have none. Link to CG at the end of each walkthrough This game is a PAY TO PLAY one ! The Free To Play part only concern the prologue and the first two chapters for every characters. As I'm an exclusive FREE TO PLAY player (unless the PTP contents become temporarily free), … Continue reading Gakuen Club