Shizuka Kira [Several Shades of Sadism]

Invitation code: MdKRyC Chapter 1: The private concierge1.01: All right. 1.07: But I have an apartment here .. Chapter 2: Relinquishing a dream2.03: Please don’t. 2.05: That’s not true. Chapter 3: Professional job3.01: Oh. 3.08: All right. Chapter 4: Touching hands4.02: Say “I’m working” and run away. 4.09: Thank him. Chapter 5: Jealously and friendship5.02: … Continue reading Shizuka Kira [Several Shades of Sadism]


Kanade Akutagawa [Decoding Desire]

Invitation code: I have none. Chapter 1: Love Lab’s conscience1.02: There’s so much I don’t understand. 1.07: Did the Lab consider other men ? 1.11: I’m glad if I could be of help. Chapter 2: A gentle melody2.04: What a wonderful father. 2.09: I want to know more. 2.14: Let’s check it out ! Chapter … Continue reading Kanade Akutagawa [Decoding Desire]