Ashton Griffin [Marked by King Bs]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Just happened to lie

(Whispering) Do, don’t worry ..! I’ll help you ..!
You’re not going to take all 5, are you ..? (Zack)

Chapter 2: Full mental collapse

You said “together” .. thought you hated me.

Chapter 3: Suspicious King Bs

(Dropping head) .. How can I take responsibility .. (Nicholas)
Ok ! I’ll raise it well. So can I have my bag now ? (Zack)

Chapter 4: The forgotten memory

No ! I am sure that it was your best !

Competition 1: The beginning of jealousy

#Buying an outfit right now is good but not necessary#

Chapter 5: Standards of the world and prejudice

Good thing ! Joel’s nose is safe ! (Joel)
Yes. You’re right .. I am .. You ? (Zack)

Chapter 6: You and I, and our distance

Why is everything so easy to you .. (William)

Chapter 7: Squartle, give me your head !

What the .. (William)

Chapter 8: Progress of relationship

I, I know ! I wear them like that, too ..! (Nicholas)
I can’t .. but call me whenever you are bored ! (Nicholas)

Chapter 9: Same class, changed relationship

Why is everybody making Joel feel so belittled ..? (Joel)

Chapter 10: Normal being abnormal

Hum .. I see. Disappointing a little ^^ (Nicholas)
Are you .. going to get Nicholas ?! (Zack)

Chapter 11: Cannot fall asleep

Nothing pretty much ..

Chapter 12: On a rainy day

Nooo .. Ash’s gonna kill me for that .. (William)

Competition 2: I did not do that

#Buying an outfit right now is good but not necessary#

Chapter 13: I’m jealous

Whoa, this little boy sure knows how to talk .. (Nicholas)

Chapter 14: I’m worried

But maybe .. because Joel’s voice was too loud ? (Joel)

Chapter 15: Way of expressing your sincerity

A heart ? Ehe, sure thing ! (Joel)
(Petting William’s head) Aha, good boy. (William)

Chapter 16: Everyone’s worry

Everyone’s so mean .. Aren’t they ? Q_Q (Joel)

Competition 3: Each sense of inferiority

#Buying an outfit right now is good but not necessary#

Chapter 17: Sweeter than chocolate

What are you saying ..? (Zack)
S,spare me .. (Zack)
My heart says it was you !

Chapter 18: Spring of mind

Sorry .. This is my best right now Q_Q

Chapter 19: Hiding one’s feelings

Is it just me that Joel look a bit perverted now ..? (Joel)
I think you should pinch me instead. (William)

Chapter 20: Heart thumps !

Ah, nothing. I was just overthinking .. Sorry. (Nicholas)




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