Gakuen Club

Invitation code: I have none.
Link to CG at the end of each walkthrough

This game is a PAY TO PLAY one ! The Free To Play part only concern the prologue and the first two chapters for every characters. As I’m an exclusive FREE TO PLAY player (unless the PTP contents become temporarily free), the walkthroughs and the CGs available on the blog are only for the FREE part. I’ll keep an eye on this game to see if they temporarily change it to free but I don’t think it’ll be the case so, well, these posts are basically to introduce to you the game !
Bonus: This game has complete voice acting ! Only the MC’s voice is absent. Even the side characters without faces are voiced ! Even if it’s not the entire game, you should check the prologue out !

img_4954 img_4955 img_4956

img_4957 img_4958 img_4959

Prologue CG


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