Luca Lindberg [Princess To Be]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: The popular fiancé

9: Thank you.

Chapter 2: Nearing the secret date

9: That’s encouraging.

Chapter 3: The truth of the citizens and Luca’s feelings

3: It was fun being with you, Luca.

Chapter 4: Shine and conflict

8: Accept.

Chapter 5: Luca’s truth

5: Say thank you.

Chapter 6: The truth behind the princess .. and farewell

6: Throw yourself into Luca’s chest.

Chapter 7: Goodbye

6: I also had no idea.

Chapter 8: A coup d’état erupts

10: (Run.)

Chapter 9: Being targeted and the hidden truth

5: Touch Luca’s cheek.

Chapter 10: Last chapter




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