Ryo Kiryu [Cafe Ma Chérie]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: First shift with the arrogant boss

6: Be good natured (about it)

Chapter 2: Teasing yet caring

9: Say thank you for the pancakes.

Chapter 3: Looking after the boss ?

7: Agree to the idea.

Chapter 4: Treated like a “girl”

7: Feed him.

Chapter 5: Jealousy with .. his ex girlfriend

8: Tell him thank you.

Chapter 6: I collapse

5: Please don’t tease me.

Chapter 7: Awareness

6: Close your eyes.

Chapter 8: About family

4: Ask why.

Chapter 9: The biggest crisis

4: Ryo’s view on love.

Chapter 10: Last chapter




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