Victor Trieste [Cinderella Contract – Alitia]

PERSO - Victor

Invitation code: 4JbQMw

I’m playing on two devices with a lot of Victor’s magic mirror on both (well, I have enough Feminine to buy it whenever I want so ..) so even if I don’t choose the right 5 points answer at first, it’s easy to guess which one is it as there’s only 3 choices. So these 5 pts answers are kinda confirmed.This game is weird .. Even if I, as soon as I see the affection gap, fill it, in the end, I needed 8 more points .. I’m replaying this game one more time with the “confirmed” 5pts to see if it really works but well, it was a weird first play.

Chapter 1

1.04: I don’t want to tell you.
1.09: If you will, anything.
1.15: Contracted partner.

Chapter 2

2.05: .. Yes.
2.08: Eh ?
2.14: It feels strange.

Chapter 3

3.03: Anything is ok.
3.10: Ok.
3.13: Could you tell me what you like ?

Chapter 4

4.02: I’m not following that order.
4.07: …
4.13: I hate that.

Chapter 5

5.02: I don’t remember agreeing to that.
5.07: I haven’t heard anything.
5.11: What are you talking about ?

Chapter 6

6.03: I’m awaiting your orders.
6.06: I didn’t say anything.
6.15: I wouldn’t mind.

Chapter 7

7.05: Not at all.
7.06: Let me touch your hand again sometime, please.
7.14: I’ll survive.

Chapter 8

8.03: Because it was my fault.
8.08: Because I love you
8.13: You have to see him.

Normal end (Default) & Good end (+120pts) & Royal end (Gacha/Dressing scenario)


ICON - Victor

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