Zio Fujishima [A Slick Romance]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Bargaining

6: Smile.
7: I’m nervous.
11: Say you’ll do anything.

Chapter 2: Escalation

3: Say that you’ll accept the treatment.
6: Have beautiful legs.
10: The hardest massage you could give me.
14: Say you want him.

Chapter 3: Subordination

4: No thank you.
7: I didn’t two-time on you.

Chapter 4: Faulty word

5: High-handedly disagree.
8: Take them off in front of him.
13: Quietly watch it unfold.

Chapter 5: Aching heart

2: Pure white.
4: Ask why.
6: Say it’s your own.
10: Agree to it.

Chapter 6: Yours to command

3: I’m not being blackmailed.
6: I like Fujishima.
11: Accept Fujishima’s treatments.
13: It was better than yours, Fujishima.

Chapter 7: Turn of events

2: I want this to continue.
5: We both agreed to this kiss.
9: Please do.

Chapter 8: Dizziness

2: Nothing sordid.
8: I fell asleep.
10: Leave Elis.

Chapter 9: Indecision

8: Fujishima’s is better.
10: I don’t know.
15: I love it.

Happy End: Settlement

Super Happy End: Settlement



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