Seima Serizawa [A Slick Romance]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Perfume master

7: Introduce yourself with a smile.
8: Talk about fragrances.
10: I’m sorry.

Chapter 2: Starting operations

5: Yes, I am.
8: Change the subject.
9: Ask for his reason.

Chapter 3: A sensual battle

7: Thigh.
9: Pant quietly.
10: Because I’m a woman ?

Chapter 4: Quick intimacy

7: Tell him you really like this series too.
8: Quite the opposite, it makes them seem friendly.
10: You have another side to you, huh ?

Chapter 5: First date

5: Let’s hurry and head to the movie theater.
6: Hold his hand.
8: I like those kinds of people.

Chapter 6: Jealousy

2: Stay silent.
13: Strange ?
15: Nose.

Chapter 7: Hair removal event

6: Tell him honestly.
8: Keep refusing.
14: You’re so cool.

Chapter 8: Palpitations

4: He’s my boyfriend.
6: Are you jealous ?
9: I’ll leave it up to your imagination.

Chapter 9: Desperate situation ?!

6: It makes me happy.
12: Please smile.
13: Talk about cake.

Happy End: Wish

Super Happy End: Wish



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