Junpei Kudo [Rental Boyfriends]

img_4627Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Sweetness & mystery

1.04: I’ll play !
1.08: I was imagining hanging out after hours.
1.14: Sorry, I’m not really into sports.

Chapter 2: A secret that I can’t tell

2.03: The powerful red team.
2.10: Was it his injury ?
2.12: How they’re different on the inside.

Chapter 3: A happy happening

3.04: Jumping head first into a new world.
3.06: I might be interested in Junpei.
3.12: Change the subject.

Chapter 4: My relationship with him

4.03: I guess .. I like him ?
4.07: What did you mean ..?
4.14: Don’t deny it.

Chapter 5: The tricks of destiny

5.05: Humbly concede.
5.10: I want to know what’s on your mind.
5.14: Like, a romantic partner ?

Chapter 6: A hand full of courage

6.01: I’m very sad.
6.04: I want to know how Junpei feels.
6.09: Thanks.

Chapter 7: My Lady Luck

7.04: Be honest.
7.09: There’s a possible connection there.
7.12: Just be yourself.

Chapter 8: To be lovers

8.03: I want to put my all into your dream, too.
8.09: That’s not fair to Junpei.
8.15: Change the subject.

Chapter 9: The conquest of happiness

9.08: You don’t mean ..!
#OKKO you’re bad, I wanted to have the Rental Boyfriends flag .. Why is it the premium item .. *cry*#
9.11: Let’s do this.
9.14: Have another player replace him.

Chapter 10: Under the starry sky

10.05: Call his name.
10.07: Like, massage you.
10.13: You’re so stunned, you can’t say anything.

Fulfilling end (+150pts) & Wishful end (+150pts)



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