Akito Kurosaki [My Boss is Too Hot and Wild !]


Invitation code: BtfZ67

I played this game back in 2015-2016, this walkthrough was made then. As I previously deleted the game, I don’t have any CGs for any route of MBITHAW. I’m currently playing the game again while following my old walkthrough but it’s only for the CGS. As this game is very difficult to guess the answer, I don’t think I’ll work on it if it’s wrong. I’ll just use the gacha for the missing points. Please understand.

Chapter 1: A sudden separation and an encounter

1.01: .. Or should I tell him something ..
1.06: .. So I won’t be able to give you my answer right away.
1.09: Yes, I think the project is interesting.

Chapter 2: A fake lover

2.04: I’m a little .. nervous.
2.10: (Lo-lover ..)
2.13: I would be happy to, if you are serious.

Chapter 3: A research and a childhood friend

3.04: (Do I have to pretend ?)
3.09: I agree, it’s a waste of his talent.
3.13: (.. I really wanna stay here like this a little longer ..)

Chapter 4: A moving feeling

4.05: (.. Kurosaki, he would ..)
4.09: Just a dinner ?
4.12: We were just ..

Chapter 5: A whole night together

5.05: Kurosaki stands out too much.
5.09: Who is this ..?
5.12: What ?

Chapter 6: Information leaks and spy doubt

6.06: He’s not that kind of guy.
6.10: But I want to believe in Kurosaki now.
6.13: (It’s best to tell the truth but ..)

Chapter 7: His real intentions

7.04: .. Hum ..
7.08: I ran towards Kurosaki.
7.09: (I want to run after him ..)

Chapter 8: An attack before sweetness

8.05: (How .. does he know ..?)
8.09: It’s not what you think !
8.12: Were you hurt that day ?

Chapter 9: A revealed past

9.04: (Maybe I shouldn’t ask.)
9.06: (What should I say ..?)
9.11: The coffee smells really nice.

Chapter 10: Wild desire

10.07: Kurosaki ..
10.11: Please leave.
10.13: Kurosaki ?!

Chapter 11: You inside me

11.05: I should try again.
11.08: Sure.
11.12: .. Only sees himself.

Normal end (default) & Happy end (+160 pts) & Royal end (gacha)



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