3 thoughts on “Teppei Shido CGs [My Bewitching Perfume]

  1. Lolo says:

    I don’t know how did I get the first cg so I came here. I mean I didn’t see the cgs in the story but it was in the album.


    • Aria G says:

      To be honest .. I don’t know either ! The first CG is still a mystery for me, I’ll wait until the end of the route and if I still don’t know then .. Sorry.
      But I personally think the first CG is like the last CG because it’s kinda a proposal. The first CG in Takeru Hiruma route appeared from nowhere too.


    • Aria G says:

      Hello, I recently finished the first play of Teppei Shido and the only thing I learned about that mysterious first CG is that it is given to users right after CH1-E1. I now think that it’s just a kind of gift for playing the game because it doesn’t fit with the story. It’s like fan service ?
      Voilà, if you have others questions, don’t hesitate to drop a comment on any posts !


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