Soji Shirogane [Contract Marriage +]


Invitation code: Zdu4NQ

I played this game back in 2015-2016, this walkthrough was made then. As I previously deleted the game, I don’t have any CGs for any route of CM+. I’m currently playing the game again while following my old walkthrough but it’s only for the CGS. As this game is very difficult to guess the answer, I don’t think I’ll work on it if it’s wrong. I’ll just use the gacha for the missing points. Please understand.

Chapter 1: Marriage known as slavery ?! A reunion of the worst kind

1.05: I’ll manage somehow.
1.09: Greets him.
1.14: It’s what a decent human would do.

Chapter 2: Husband .. him ?

2.03: I understand.
2.10: A reward ?
2.14: We’re husband and wife.

Chapter 3: His situation, his family

3.04: It’s the right thing to do as a slave.
3.09: Did he just acknowledge me ?
3.11: Introduce myself.

Chapter 4 The first

4.03: That’s expected of a wife.
4.10: I stay like that.
4.12: Please look forward to it.

Chapter 5 Getting closer by an accident and real him

5.04: I admire you.
5.09: She feeds him.
5.11 This is fighting back, you know.

Chapter 6: A rival appears

6.04: Because you came for me.
6.06: I’m sorry.
6.12: I’m sorry I got carried away.

Chapter 7: Abduction, a couple’s bond

7.04: I just left it at home.
7.07: Get mad.
7.12: It was for saving me.

Chapter 8: Getting closer

8.04: I resist with everything I’ve got.
8.06: Hold me tighter.
8.14: Fuyuta, are you on a date too ?

Chapter 9: Rival again, in danger of breaking up ?!

9.07: It’s rare.
9.12: Tomorrow’s menu.

Chapter 10: A husband’s dilemma

10.05: Do you want to go ask Arima ?
10.11: Wait, was that you ?
10.14: I believed in you ..

Chapter 11 End of the contract, I’m getting a divorce

11.03: That document is filled with lies.
11.07: I have something I’d like to discuss.
11.11: What about your first love ?

Normal end (default) & Happy end (+170 pts)



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