Cai Liyue [Oriental Bride of The Emperor]


Invitation code: vzbzKH

I played this game back in 2015-2016, this walkthrough was made then. As I previously deleted the game, I don’t have any CGs for any route of OBOTE. I’m currently playing the game again while following my old walkthrough but it’s only for the CGS. As this game is very difficult to guess the answer, I don’t think I’ll work on it if it’s wrong. I’ll just use the gacha for the missing points. Please understand.

Chapter 1

1.2: So can I just call you like Sir Liyue ?
1.7:For a little.
1.14: .. Ok.

Chapter 2

2.1: Why do I need to get ready ?
2.7: I won’t tell you.
2.14: .. I don’t know.

Chapter 3

3.3: Did you call my name ?
3.9: .. It’s somehow happy to hear that ?
3.15: Let’s go back together.

Chapter 4

4.4: It’s not like we had a fight.
4.10: Of course.
4.11: You’re right.

Chapter 5

5.2: I guess I am.
5.8: Don’t mind.
5.13: Let’s not be caught.

Chapter 6

6.3: If you say so ..
6.8: Let’s go slowly.
6.11: Ok.

Chapter 7

7.5: I am sorry.
7.7: In the ancient world.
7.15: It’s ok, you don’t need to force yourself.

Chapter 8

8.2: .. I’m fine.
8.8: .. Thanks.
8.12: Why did you come ?

Biyi end (+15000 Grace) & Lian Li end (+15000 Grace)



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