Leonhardt [Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale]


Invitation code: 3nqXw2

I played this game back in 2015-2016, this walkthrough was made then. As I previously deleted the game, I don’t have any CGs for any route of OUAFLT. I’m currently playing the game again while following my old walkthrough but it’s only for the CGS. As this game is very difficult to guess the answer, I don’t think I’ll work on it if it’s wrong. I’ll just use the gacha for the missing points. Please understand.

Chapter 1: Clumsy kiss with Beast Prince

1.2: Leo .. Sir.
1.8: It has to be done by me.
1.12: Call out

Chapter 2: I want your smile

2.2: You’re awesome.
2.7: Homemade cake.
2.14: I’m scared.

Chapter 3: Don’t choose me. Who can ou choose ?

3.2: (Maybe Leon ..)
3.3: Thank him.
3.11: Thank you.

Chapter 4: The third kiss is presentiment of a romance

4.5: I think so.
4.10: Tell him the truth.
4.15: I don’t understand either.

Chapter 5: Reason of misfortune

5.4: How about Leon ..
5.7: You look cool with confidence.
5.15: Because I was happy.

Chapter 6: I wanna say I love you

6.2: Favorite thing to do ?
6.10: About the dance ..
6.15: You are you, Leon.

Chapter 7: Invitation from the Beast King

7.5: I’m glad you came.
7.10: Photo of someone important ?
7.14: No I don’t want.

Chapter 8: Chasing the phantom of close friend

8.1: It’s true.
8.6: Should I discuss with someone ?
8.15: May I ?

Chapter 9: Be prepared

9.2: Pretend nothing happened.
9.7: Sit on his lap as he asks.
9.15: Argue back at him.

Normal end (default) & Happy end (+135 pts) & Royal end (+170 pts)




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