Albert [Once Upon a Fairy Love Tale]


Invitation code: 3nqXw2

I played this game back in 2015-2016, this walkthrough was made then. As I previously deleted the game, I don’t have any CGs for any route of OUAFLT. I’m currently playing the game again while following my old walkthrough but it’s only for the CGS. As this game is very difficult to guess the answer, I don’t think I’ll work on it if it’s wrong. I’ll just use the gacha for the missing points. Please understand.

Chapter 1: Tender kiss with Prince of Glass.

1.3: I’m fine.
1.9: Why do you think that ? / I’m not. * / Maybe I am .. *
1.14: Look at Albert.

Chapter 2: Lesson alone with him

2.2: But ..
2.8: Stay quiet.
2.11: No, it’s nothing.

Chapter 3: Gentle and forceful

3.2: I’m happy, but ..
3.9: Of course I am.
3.11: Stay still.

Chapter 4: Let me go on loving you

4.4: Uh .. / Of course. * / Can I like you too ? *
4.9: Are you sure ? * / Sorry. / I’m so happy. *
4.13: Albert, I guess.

Chapter 5: On the inside of that dull eyes

5.7: Ask Albert.
5.12: Hold his hand.
5.14: Do I look strange ?

Chapter 6: The truth of the Glass Ball

6.5: Does it show ?
6.7: Be more confident !
6.15: Be quiet and stroke his cheek.

Chapter 7: Courageous confession

7.2: Chase after him. * / Say his name again. * / Stand still.
7.9: Only if you’ll let me treat you.
7.13: It’s ok to misunderstand.

Chapter 8: Kidnapped Queen

8.1: I also want to be with you.
8.10: Don’t make this harder on me. * / Sorry, but .. / Yes. *
8.12: Sorry. *

Chapter 9: A wish of Fairy

9.3: Please, let me come with you.
9.9: Please, don’t talk like that. * / If that happens, I’ll make my wish to the Fairy King. * / What will I do if that happens ?
9.15: Force myself to smile.

Normal end (default) & Happy end (+135 pts) & Royal end (+170 pts)




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