Jin Aoi [Chocolate Temptation]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: The perfect chocolatier ?! / A flawless craftsman ?!

3: Ibuki.

Chapter 2: Massive failure / The huge mistake

6: Look away.

Chapter 3: The rulebook

4: Ask Ibuki for help.

Chapter 4: Supplementary lessons with him

1: Explain frankly.

Chapter 5: The big selection / A huge promotion

2: All right.

Chapter 6: The meaning of life / Raison d’être

2: Happily.

Chapter 7: Casual tenderness / Casual kindness

6: Eat out.

Chapter 8: Our first date / First date

2: Say you want to hear about his past.

Chapter 9: The chocolates hurt in the impact / The impact-less chocolate

3: I’m worried.

Chapter 10: In the rain

5: Are you sure you didn’t get sick ?

Chapter 11: I want to be your strength / I want to help

4: I want you to make a delicious chocolate.

Chapter 12: My painful foot and an aching heart / Foot aches and heart aches

1: I wanted to be of help.

Chapter 13: Delicious chocolates / Tastier chocolate

4: I wanted to thank you.

Chapter 14: The sender of the letter

4: It was so tasty, I couldn’t help it.

Chapter 15: Feelings for L’écrin

4: I’ll come right back.

Chapter 16: The absent owner

3: I can’t, he’s busy.

Chapter 17: These feelings cannot be kept hidden / Feelings that can’t be hidden

4: Shut my eyes.

Chapter 18: Jealousy

2: Talk about the competition.

Chapter 19: His embrace / Being hold

2: What did you come to do ?

Chapter 20: the distance between them / Our distance

4: Fine with me.

Chapter 21: Irreplaceable existence / An irreplaceable existence

1: Speak frankly.

Chapter 22: A small worry / Faint unease

5: Are you uneasy ?

Chapter 23: The present

4: Is that really alright ?

Chapter 24: His ex-girlfriend’s smile / His ex’s smile

3: Look at Jin.

Chapter 25: The promise

4: I’m glad you changed, Jin.

Chapter 26: A wonderful surprise

4: I feel the same.

Happy Chapter 27: The results of the contest / The competition results

Happy Chapter 28: Jin’s chocolates of happiness

Super Happy Chapter 13: Signs of change

4: He just brought me chocolate.

Super Happy Chapter 14: The three-legged race

3: I’ll try harder.

Super Happy Chapter 15: His body pillow / Body pillow

4: So, you’re not actually interested in me.

Super Happy Chapter 16: The unexpected incident / The event

4: I’ll help more positively.

Super Happy Chapter 17: Fierce jealousy / Intense jealousy

1: Is this about Mitsuki ?

Super Happy Chapter 18: Transformation

2: It makes me happy.

Super Happy Chapter 19: Vous et moi / Moi et vous

2: I’m fine.

Super Happy Chapter 20: Motocycle date / Bike date

4: Grab his waist.

Super Happy Chapter 21: Jin’s secret

3: What precious memories.

Super Happy Chapter 22: Complicated feelings / Mixed feelings

3: May it be the judges’ favorite.

Super Happy Chapter 23: Confession

3: I’m just so happy.

Super Happy Chapter 24: They decided to make a second volume ?! / A second book ?!

5: You’re really smart.

Super Happy Chapter 25: Love and a kiss / Love and kisses



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