Ibuki Aoi [Chocolate Temptation]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: The leader of L’écrin

3: They all have their strong points.

Chapter 2: Ibuki’s kindness

3: Emphasize how delicious the dish is.

Chapter 3: A surprise

4: Be grateful.

Chapter 4: A crash course on chocolate

4: Follow Ibuki’s lead.

Chapter 5: Helping with negociations

1: Please let me go with you.

Chapter 6: Ibuki’s past

5: Do as he says.

Chapter 7: A visit to the Editing Department

4: Accept my feelings.

Chapter 8: My first errand

5: Contact Ibuki. *

Chapter 9: The chocolates of happiness

2: Be happy.

Chapter 10: So close yet so far

2: I don’t know.

Chapter 11: The wedding project

3: I’m looking forward to it.

Chapter 12: Shocking words and his sense of responsibility

5: Be honestly happy.

Chapter 13: Pre-Marriage

5: Seeing this moves me.

Chapter 14: They’re dating ?!

3: Support Ibuki.

Chapter 15: My savior

5: I’ll let you decide.

Chapter 16: Relaxing the heart

5: Dodge the question.

Chapter 17: A secret date

4: Say you’ll wait for him however long it takes.

Chapter 18: Our crisis

1: I want to help.

Chapter 19: Running away

5: It’s because I love Ibuki.

Chapter 20: The reason he cannot fall in love

5: Kiss his forehead.

Chapter 21: What I learned while e were apart

4: I want you to get some rest.

Chapter 22: A happy wedding

5: Admit it.

Happy Chapter 23: In a dream

Happy Chapter 24: My happy place

Super Happy Chapter 13: Time alone together

3: Are you sure ?

Super Happy Chapter 14: A sleepless night ..

4: Sorry ..

Super Happy Chapter 15: His true feelings

6: Say you’ll wait for him however long it takes.

Super Happy Chapter 16: The time limit

4: Say thank you again.

Super Happy Chapter 17: A rival in love ?

4: I’m looking forward to it.

Super Happy Chapter 18: Feelings of jealousy

4: He’s someone I care about.

Super Happy Chapter 19: Misunderstandings and his true feelings

2: I want to go.
5: I love you too.

Super Happy Chapter 20: Confession

1: Tell him you love him very much.

Super Happy Chapter 21: Endless waltz



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