Shizuka Kira [Several Shades of Sadism]

PERSO - Shizuka

Invitation code: MdKRyC

Chapter 1: The private concierge

1.01: All right.
1.07: But I have an apartment here ..

Chapter 2: Relinquishing a dream

2.03: Please don’t.
2.05: That’s not true.

Chapter 3: Professional job

3.01: Oh.
3.08: All right.

Chapter 4: Touching hands

4.02: Say “I’m working” and run away.
4.09: Thank him.

Chapter 5: Jealously and friendship

5.02: Check to see if he is lying.
5.07: Tell him why.

Chapter 6: Tell him how you feel

6.05: I’m sorry.
6.08: Where are you going ?

Chapter 7: Scandal

7.03: Decide not to bring it up.
7.08: Can’t find the right word.

Chapter 8: Bubbling emotions

8.01: Stop him.
8.07: Should we go get some ?

Chapter 9: Saying so long

9.05: Just walk away.
9.09: Nod.

Chapter 10: Restraint

10.02: Let out a sigh.
10.06: Call for Shizuka.

Chapter 11: The real him

11.04: Think of Shizuka.
11.09: What happened to Carol ?

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+100pts)


ICON - Shizuka

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