Kanade Akutagawa [Decoding Desire]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Love Lab’s conscience

1.02: There’s so much I don’t understand.
1.07: Did the Lab consider other men ?
1.11: I’m glad if I could be of help.

Chapter 2: A gentle melody

2.04: What a wonderful father.
2.09: I want to know more.
2.14: Let’s check it out !

Chapter 3: A tone that shakes one up

3.03: It was bad luck.
3.09: What’s what ?
3.13: You introduced it to me.

Chapter 4: Beyond Wonder Lab

4.02: I-I wouldn’t mind ..!
4.10: Me too.
4.14: Nerd is good.

Chapter 5: A classic date

5.05: Ask about the check up.
5.09: I’m looking forward to it.
5.14: Can you recommend something ?

Chapter 6: Love brewing

6.02: I want to know more about you.
6.09: If it’s you ..
6.12: I want to meet Kanade no matter what.

Chapter 7: Our time as lovers

7.01: Yes, we’ve been dating.
7.07: Guess.
7.11: Somehow, it sounds so elegant ..

Chapter 8: Absence

8.03: Worry anyway.
8.10: I trust you.
8.14: Buildings really get old quickly, huh.

Chapter 9: Virique ex machina

9.04: What could he be feeling ?
9.07: (On the contrary ..)
9.12: (He’s hurting himself.)

Chapter 10: A tales of two Kanades

10.01: (Must’ve been hard for him too.)
10.10: I think for a moment.
10.14: I can’t believe that’s a good thing.

Chapter 11: The one and only you

11.04: (He loves Eri.)
11.09: To save you, of course !
11.14: He’s so right.

Ever After end (+165pts) & On The Morrow end (+165pts)


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