Kotaro Horibuchi [Rental Boyfriends]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: The worse date in history

1.05: Be surprised.
1.08: Be uncomfortable.
1.13: 100%

Chapter 2: My first step towards the owner

2.04: Economics major.
2.09: Seek out help.
2.15: Add a heart emoticon.

Chapter 3: The shopping alley hero

3.02: Let’s go today.
3.10: Thank you.
3.13: Lecture him. / Laugh.* / Be dumbfounded.

Chapter 4: Warm night at the hot springs

4.05: It’s true ..
4.09: Are you ok over there ?
4.12: Thank you.

Chapter 5: A bitter love triangle

5.04: Tell the truth.
5.10: I expect good things out of you.
5.14: Gasp in surprise.

Chapter 6: Wanting to know you

6.05: I’m so happy !
6.09: Hold his hand.
6.14: Close your eyes.

Chapter 7: A broken bond

7.05: Smile.
7.10: Link arms with Kotarou.
7.14: Do as he says.

Chapter 8: The ice core, and it’s growing fissures

8.04: I was worried about you.
8.10: Hold his hand.
8.12: I’m speechless.

Chapter 9: The trial which we can both overcome

9.04: Mad at myself.
9.08: I feel a chill.
9.15: Smile.

Chapter 10: Beautiful dreamers

10.05: Snuggle up and watch the movie with him.
10.09: Tell him.
10.12: You look so sexy.

Fulfilling end (+160pts) & Wishful end (+160pts)



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