Yuusuke Minami [Office Lover 2]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: A man ? Or a woman ? His scent of danger

1.04: Work at a cosmetics company ?
1.07: Push him back instinctively.
1.13: Keep looking at him.

Chapter 2: The disenchanted Cinderella

2.03: I don’t see him as a man.
2.07: I was kind of aware of this myself.
2.15: How did you know ?

Chapter 3: The magic of beauty

3.01: Do you mind if I do ?
3.07: I was waiting for your call.
3.11: You two get along well.

Chapter 4: The directionf a certain settlement

4.04: You saw right through me ..
4.10: Endure it.
4.14: Let me stay like this a little longer ..

Chapter 5: Your name in that memory

5.02: You’re so strong, Yukako.
5.09: Why so ?
5.13: I’m just a lil ol’ potato, after all.

Chapter 6: A triangle heart

6.01: 30 minutes is pretty short.
6.09: It’s thanks to all of Yuusuke’s advice.
6.13: Thanks for today.

Chapter 7: Connected feelings

7.02: I tried my best !
7.07: You’re going to stop me ?
7.14: You’re warm.

Chapter 8: A visitor from the past

8.03: Gasp.
8.10: I did my best, after all.
8.12: Please do.

Chapter 9: A tangle thread

9.02: I’ll walk around with a portable assault alarm.
9.09: Take your time answering.
9.14: I’m not lying.

Chapter 10: Don’t go, stay by my side

10.03: I’m so sorry !
10.07: Why did she become that way ..?
10.12: You’re acting strange, Yuu.

Chapter 11: The sparkle is right in the palm of your hand

11.02: R-right here, right now ..?
11.06: Straight into work once we get back, right ?
11.09: Yuu, run away ..!

Overseas end (+160pts) & Japan end (+160pts)



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