Yuki Uchida [My Sweet Proposal]


Invitation code: I have none.

I am 33 pts short following this walkthrough. I made up for the short pts with the gacha and only played this route once.

Chapter 1: Hello, neighbor !

1.02: I’m always relying on you.
1.08: It’s not that I don’t want to, but ..
1.11: Yeah. Together.

Chapter 2: Beneath the evening moon

2.02: I think he’s a good man.
2.06: It’s fine. There has to be something we can do.
2.13: I’m counting on you.

Chapter 3: Loving people’s smiles

3.05: No, it’s fine.
3.07: Do you like older women ?
3.12: .. I don’t know. ** / I think I’ll be fine.* / I might not like it.

Chapter 4: The real truth, hidden behind that smile

4.02: Really ? / Listen, I’m really worried ! ** / You’re worried about it too, aren’t you ?
4.09: Bye. / Take care. / Come back soon.*
4.12: It must have been difficult.

Chapter 5: Your immense presence

5.04: I’ll be fine.* / Some quietness will be nice. / “If”, I become lonely.
5.08: It’s a bit messy.* / You won’t do anything weird ? / Why did you think that ?
5.14: I like the flowers you make, Yuki.* / That’s right. / Yes, I do.

Chapter 6: You being there, gives me strength

6.04: Is it my fault ?* /  I just said the truth. / You can’t hug me out there.
6.09: That’s good. / They both seem happy.* / It’s all thanks to you, Yuki.
6.10: I’m fine.* / It’s embarrassing. / Thanks.

Normal end (Default) & True end (+160pts) & Proposal end (+200pts)



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