Rene [Royal Midnight Kiss]


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Chapter 1: An extraordinary prince

1.05: Try calling his name.
1.10: Stay quiet.
1.12: Please don’t tease me.

Chapter 2: A secret little trip

2.01: I’ll get in trouble.
2.06: It’s embarrassing.
2.14: You’re a really fast runner.

Chapter 3: Escape in broad daylight

3.04: Red.
3.09: I’m sorry.
3.12: I enjoyed myself too.

Chapter 4: Doubting in a foreign country

4.03: It’s good to be popular.
4.09: Did he read my thoughts ?
4.12: I’m not sure.

Chapter 5: Romance and scandal

5.01: Go along quietly.
5.06: Give it some thought.
5.13: Stay silent.

Chapter 6: Not on the same wavelength

6.03: I have work to do.
6.08: That’s not true.#
6.11: Grab onto his shirt.

Chapter 7: Feeling connection

7.04: You’re so mean.
7.09: Talk about the F1 race.
7.11: That’s an exaggeration.

Chapter 8: A little bit of happiness

8.03: It’s fine as it.
8.06: Leave it to Rene.
8.12: Huh ?!

Chapter 9: Anxiety and presage

9.03: You need to research something ?
9.07: I have some advice.
9.12: Please be careful.

Chapter 10: What can I do for you

10.04: I don’t stop him.
10.09: Are you teasing me ?
10.15: I admit that I’m scared.

Chapter 11: Aquamarine’s promise

11.04: I graps Rene’s hand.
11.08: You’ve changed.
11.14: Now, just work !

Normal end (+40 pts) & Good end (+160 pts) & Royal end (+200 pts)



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