Edward [Royal Midnight Kiss]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Secret night with a prince

1.05: Perhaps somebody else ..
1.08: Please let me go.
1.12: I was thinking that you looked cute.

Chapter 2: Confused

2.03: Nothing dangerous.
2.08: I say I don’t want to intrude.
2.13: I made them.

Chapter 3: Because I want to see you smile

3.04: Why is the Prince ..
3.10: Can’t you tell by looking at my face ?
3.13: You give me too much credit.

Chapter 4: Hesitant kiss in the night

4.03: Let’s get out of here.
4.09: (Stay silent and observe him.)
4.13: No ! My family is here !

Chapter 5: Evolving feelings

5.03: How do you know that ?
5.07: That’s what I thought.
5.13: Has something happened ?

Chapter 6: The voice in the flames

6.04: Y..Yes ..
6.09: I’m sure I can find it.
6.12: You’re exaggerating.

Chapter 7: Cinderella time

7.02: You’re very kind.
7.08: If I step on your foot, I apologize.
7.11: You want me to go too ?

Chapter 8: Sudden love storm

8.01: You’re just like a ninja.
8.08: I’m very happy that you feel that way but ..
8.13: I’m sorry.

Chapter 9: I want to protect you

9.02: You did that for me ..
9.08: I wanted to protect him.
9.13: This is my role.

Chapter 10: For the person I love

10.05: I put all of my devotion into them.
10.09: What a beautiful relationship.
10.13: Ehe, it’s also nice to drink wine and look at the moon.

Chapter 11: Before you wake up from your dream

11.04: I know you can do it.
11.06: This isn’t funny !
11.13: He’s always very forceful.

Normal end (+40 pts) & Good end (+160 pts) & Royal end (+200 pts)



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