Shingen Takeda [Samurai Love Ballad PARTY]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: A delivery for Lord Takeda

(Am I the one to do this ?)
Explain yourself.

Chapter 2: The masked man

Confide in him completely.
I wonder about that.

Chapter 3: Lord Kenshin’s favorite things

I can’t come with you.
I’ll go.

Chapter 4: Lord Shingen’s mark

Take it.
I have.

Chapter 5: The king of flowers

You really wish for me to have these ..?
This is .. very sudden.

Chapter 6: Troubles of the heart

Forgive me.
Are you sure ..?

Chapter 7: The lady’s cloak, dyed with blood

I’m all right now.
Don’t do it.

Chapter 8: Pinky promises, bound by needles

Hide them.

Chapter 9: Light and shadow

Lord Kansuke ?
He is.

Chapter 10: A new way

Watch quietly.
The smoke just stings ..

Chapter 11: The tryst

I suppose so ..
(How am I going to tell him ..)

Chapter 12: The hope of the Takeda

Takeda does not surrender !
Say nothing.

Divine end (+55 Chemistry / 43000 SP) & Noble end (43000 SP)



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