Kojuro Katakura [Samurai Love Ballad PARTY]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Your first assignment

Lord Kojuro ?
Look at the retainer.

Chapter 2: The taste of salt

Please help me.
Do you mind if I have some ?

Chapter 3: The message

(I can’t accept, can I ..?)
Pray for help.

Chapter 4: Disgrace

Thank you for your concern.
I’m sorry ..

Chapter 5: The false lovers

I’m just nervous.
(That’s cute ..)

Chapter 6: Lord Masamune’s mother

She must have done this for a reason.
.. Ok.

Chapter 7: Training with Lord Kojuro

I’ll make dinner.
Thank you.

Chapter 8: Discord

Is something wrong ?
Tell the truth.

Chapter 9: Capital punishment

Does it seem that way ?
Because I love him.

Chapter 10: From Kyoto, with love

Just like my leader.
Grab his sleeve.

Chapter 11: The eye of the dragon

(What about Lord Masamune ?)
I love you.

Chapter 12: Kojuro’s plan

Is he ?

Divine end (+55 Chemistry / 43000 SP) & Noble end (43000 SP)



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