Ieyasu Tokugawa [Samurai Lova Ballad PARTY]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: The sadist’s poison

Ask him.
Glare fiercely at Mitsunari.

Chapter 2: Manju

Be the better person.
And if I did ?

Chapter 3: The taste of absolute victory

That’s no excuse for murder !
Weel, about that ..

Chapter 4: Lord Ieyasu’s new chef

Please let me help you ..
Tell the truth.

Chapter 5: With animals or children

Yes. I want to go home.
He needs to eat.

Chapter 6: The Lord’s true heart

(I knew I could win him over !)
Of course.

Chapter 7: Getting to know you

Tell him.
I want you to trust me.

Chapter 8: The petulanta child’s day out

Try to calm him down.
(This is kind of embarrassing ..)

Chapter 9: Vague replies

What’s the worst that could happen ?
Thank you.

Chapter 10: The taste of compassion

How are you going to eat ?
It’s delicious, but ..

Chapter 11: The farewell kiss

Of course I won’t be.
I want to go to him.

Chapter 12: The fate of traitors

How dare you hurt Lord Ieyasu !
I’m sorry.

Divine end (+55 Chemistry / 43000 SP) & Noble end (43000 SP)



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