Hideyoshi Toyotomi [Samurai Love Ballad PARTY]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: A monkey and his dog

I don’t have much of an appetite.
He does.

Chapter 2: Childhood friend

(Like he would be able to help me ..)
Try to lie.

Chapter 3: Bitter with the sweet

It’d be funny if that were true.
I don’t mind.

Chapter 4: The kind one

I guess you could say that.
It’s thanks to you.

Chapter 5: Your personal retainer

I can’t say ..
Leave it to me.

Chapter 6: A perfect ..

Of course !
I didn’t do anything.

Chapter 7: Seeking survival

Smile back.

Chapter 8: Love and friendship

I’m really fine.

Chapter 9: Love divided

He’s amazing ..
Say something.

Chapter 10: Past memories

Follow them.
I’m glad.

Chapter 11: Loving a samurai

I’ll never be that strong.
What ?

Chapter 12: Farewell, my love

I understand.
What do you want us to do ?

Divine end (+55 Chemistry / 43000 SP) & Noble end (43000 SP)



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