Saizo Kirigakure [Samurai Love Ballad PARTY]


Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Sanada and the ten braves

Look away from Yukimura.

Chapter 2: Yukimura’s teachings

Hit him lightly.
(Someone help me ..!)

Chapter 3: The man in the fox mask

Sasuke, run.
I’m fine with staying weak.

Chapter 4: Moody ninja

I’ll get some bandages !
You don’t have to do anything.

Chapter 5: Saizo’s terms

What are you doing ?
He pulls weeds fast.

Chapter 6: My dango

Have some.
Why not ?!

Chapter 7: The sword’s secret

(They really expect her to go through with it.)
It is.

Chapter 8: His weakness

(He just ignored me ..)
I can’t leave you.

Chapter 9: Malicious servant

I guess not ..
I’m sorry.

Chapter 10: Rain ghost

Saizo ..
All we habe to do is ask.

Chapter 11: Cherry blossoms in rain

I want to hear it from him ..
Hide your tears.

Chapter 12: Fox masked assassin

I’m glad if that’s true.
Thank you.

Divine end (+55 Chemistry / 43000 SP) & Noble end (43000 SP)



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