[Notice] Hello, Aria here !

Hello, this is Aria !
Currently, I can’t work on all the CGs and imagery of all games. I can’t add the photos on WordPress. I’ll still write the walkthroughs, I have a lot more ready to be written out as I’m doing walkthrough since 2014. For several years (2015-2016) I was playing with 2 devices but in December 2016, I deleted my accounts on the second device so I lost a lot of CGs. (I’m currently playing the routes again to get the CGs.)
All the games present on this blog right now (13 games) are the games I’m currently playing. I will probably end every games routes first and then play others games.
I played Accela’s games until March 2016 because I updated my device so it’s not working anymore. And I learned that Accela banned walkthrough so ..

Here are the list of games I will one day add. There are only several games that I never tried and I didn’t play all the routes of the others (meaning I have several walkthroughs ready for some games)

  • Arabian Nights Love Story
  • Office Lover
  • Mononoke Kiss +
  • Angel or Devil +
  • Magic Sword +
  • Scarlet Fate +
  • Lost Island +
  • My Fairy Tales +
  • Destiny Ninja
  • Ninja Love +
  • My Sweet Prince +
  • Ninja Assassin +
  • The Niflheim +
  • Blood in Roses +
  • Wizardess Heart +
  • Destiny Ninja 2+ (Never played)
  • Love Tangle + (Never played)
  • Oz + (Never played)
  • Ninja Shadow + (Never played)
  • Guard me, Sherlock ! + (Never played)
  • Lost Alice + (Never played)
  • Modern Cinderella + (Never played)
  • Life is Beautiful
  • My Strange Lover
  • My Secret Spies
  • My Memorial Lover
  • My Elemental Prince
  • My Angel Romance
  • Undead Lovers
  • My Royal Guardian
  • Love and Conspiracy
  • My Arahitogami Romance
  • Twilight Hunters
  • The Fateful Encounter
  • School Wonders Romance
  • My Forbidden Lover
  • Midgard Love ~ The Oath of God ~
  • Wizard Tower
  • Reverse Alice, Queen in Wonderland
                • Edit 9.7.2017: Hello ! From September 10th 2017, I’ll pause all games. I will be traveling until late October/early November in South Korea so I don’t really want to keep my mind on the games ..

                  By the way, I stopped playing Samurai Love Ballad early August .. The stories don’t attract me anymore. I was in the middle of Nobunaga Oda Act 2s second play so the walkthrough is complete but not entirely proofreaded. + I still didn’t change Minato’s route)


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