Zain [Be My Princess PARTY]


Invitation code: 3198879

Chapter 1: At the elegant Nobel Michel

Why ?

Chapter 2: The head steward and the runaway

Ask Zain to stay over as well.
Ask him why.

Chapter 3: A midnight date

Ask him to teach me.
Ask Zain to take you.

Chapter 4: Skeletons in the closet ..?

Go for it.
Let’s have a picnic.

Chapter 5: Banished memories

Deny it.
Press your palm to his.

Chapter 6: The farewell kiss

Let’s come back again soon.

Chapter 7: Tread lightly at parties ?

Turn him down.
Shake my head.

Chapter 8: The second kiss is mine

Not with things like this.
Start to leave.

Chapter 9: A game to close to lose

Show me something that means something to you.
Take these and go !

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+72000RF) & Secret end (+72000RF / 70 Chemistry)


ICON - Zain

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