Roberto Button [Be My Princess PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Roberto Button

Invitation code: 3198879

Chapter 1: The castle’s wall

When in Rome ..
Why do you want to leave ?

Chapter 2: Commemorating the start of a friendship

Tell him to stop.
Gently let him down.

Chapter 3: Love’s Cupid ?!

We really should go.
Let him in.

Chapter 4: Alone in his room

.. Like sweets ?
Your hair is naturally curly ?

Chapter 5: Irrplaceable

Talk about the silk shirt.
Admit that you had put it away.

Chapter 6: Friends though a window

Have some because you want it.
Say it is a business relationship.

Chapter 7: A growing crush

Do what Roberto wants.
Thank you very much.

Chapter 8: Moving back home ?!

Grab it before he can.
Don’t try to hide the photo.

Chapter 9: A keepsake from the Queen

Go along with it.
Say “I knew that !”

Chapter 10: Runaway

Well it is a contest after all.
Sorry / I really didn’t ..

Chapter 11: A city’s love song

Ask him “Really ?”
Keep holding onto his hand.

Chapter 12: The lingering kiss

Mention the interviewer.
Try asking.

Chapter 13: Fate of the necklace

Ask him why he did it.
Be happy.

Chapter 14: For Roberto ..

Make a joke.
You knew ?

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+72000RF) & Secret end (+72000RF / 100 Chemistry)


ICON - Roberto

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