Joshua Lieben [Be My Princess PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Joshua Lieben

Invitation code: 3198879

Chapter 1: Designer with a deadline

Show him the letter
Really ?

Chapter 2: An accidental kiss ?!

Say something.
Talk to Prince Joshua.

Chapter 3: The unbreakable contract

How much is it ?
Does my dress look strange ?

Chapter 4: Rules of engagement

Ask him which animals.
Assume you imagined it.

Chapter 5: A proper marriage

Burst out laughing.
Ask about his childhood.

Chapter 6: An unnerving shadow

Turn back.
Talk to him about it.

Chapter 7: The Prince next door

Stand your ground.

Chapter 8: On the moonlit balcony

Ask about the language of flowers.

Chapter 9: A goodwill summit ?!

Ask Jan.
Offer to sleep in the sleeping bag.

Chapter 10: Secret date in the city

Thank you.
Please don’t tell anybody we were here.

Chapter 11: The one I wanted to protect

Tell him that those are the outfits for the royal couple.
It’s a shop selling sausage.

Chapter 12: Voices in my head

I’m sorry, I’m not ready.
Answer it in shock.

Chapter 13: The hands we held

Go to the manor gate.
It wasn’t your fault.

Chapter 14: The disgraced Princess

Call your parents.
Chase after him.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+72000RF) & Secret end (+72000RF / 100 Chemistry)


ICON - Joshua

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