Edward Levaincois [Be My Princess PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Edward Levaincois

Invitation code: 3198879

Chapter 1: The vision of a Prince

Why was I chosen ?
Are you all right ?

Chapter 2: Under the moonlight

Keep the dress on.

Chapter 3: Secret city date

You mean you don’t wear silk ?
The dressy side gore boots.

Chapter 4: Invitations and secret places

Refuse politely.
All right ! I’ll come up with something !

Chapter 5: Wrapped in a blanket

Bring Prince Edward.

Chapter 6: A kiss on the hand

Thank you for your concern.
Oh, that’s just my secret hiding place.

Chapter 7: Present and reality

Ask him about his childhood.
Ask him to help pack.

Chapter 8: Jealousy’s first kiss

Can you write an article about our collection ?

Chapter 9: A wealth of emotions

You’re working late, Your Highness.
Since you’re famous ..

Chapter 10: The foolish Prince

Tell him to go after her.
I’ll take your questions.

Chapter 11: Missteps to the future ..?!

Stay at the party.
Answer the phone.

Chapter 12: For us ..

We should do that again.

Chapter 13: After we part

I didn’t think it would be over so fast.
Answer the door yourself.

Chapter 14: Rooms of our happiness

I don’t want to be a burden to you.
Change the topic.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+72000RF) & Secret end (+72000RF / 100 Chemistry)


ICON - Edward

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