Haruka Doujima [Rental Boyfriends]

PERSO - Haruka

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: My first kiss to you

1.02: Ask someone.
1.07: It’s ok, I don’t mind.
1.14: Ok.

Chapter 2: Dance, love and an audition

2.05: I’m so embarrassed.
2.08: I only have bad memories of clubs.
2.13: I should say something ..

Chapter 3: A hunch on something that started to move

3.04: I’m not sure how I feel about Haruka.
3.06: I’m not sure.
3.12: I think she’s wrong.

Chapter 4: Towards a future, close at hand

4.04: My heart aches.
4.07: Because I’m interested.
4.11: We’re .. more than friends ?

Chapter 5: I love you even this much

5.04: I’ve developed serious feelings for him.
5.06: Sorry I worried you.
5.10: Ok.

Chapter 6: Affection that drown

6.01: You really think so ?
6.05: I can’t wait.
6.14: Maybe I do want to get a little drunk.

Chapter 7: The end of doubt

7.02: I’m just so sad.
7.06: Change the subject
7.14: I’ll trust him.

Chapter 8: Chasing “dreams” a plenty

8.04: I want to support him.
8.06: I want to be there for him, regardless.
8.12: Dancing.

Chapter 9: Settling the past and thoughts towards the future

9.02: I’m here for you.
9.08: Now you can move on with your life.
9.11: I’m embarrassed.

Chapter 10:Removing the shackles of regret

10.04: I’m here for you.
10.06: Introduce yourself.
10.12: She missed you.

Chapter 11: Being on the highest stage deserves the finest kiss

11.01: Stare at him.
11.06: Ask if he’s ok.
11.10: Independent.

Fulfilling end (+160pts) & Wishful end (+160pts)


ICON - Haruka

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