Keith Alford [Be My Princess PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Keith Alford

Invitation code: 3198879

Chapter 1: The cruelest man is a Prince ?!

I want to give this a try.
Head after Prince Keith.

Chapter 2: Celebrities and commoners

Just apologize.
Ask him to let go.

Chapter 3: The best advisor ?

I was not afraid.
Grab Prince Keith by the arm.

Chapter 4: A date as a reward ?

You did this for me ?
Buy the cloth anyway.

Chapter 5: A fight on the balcony

Greet him normally.
I can’t do that !

Chapter 6: Milky way

Hide behind Prince Keith.
Have Luke take care of it.

Chapter 7: A sudden rejection

Totally fine !
Is that a problem ?

Chapter 8: The spirit exposed

Ask her where she lives.
N-no way !

Chapter 9: Midnight visitor

How did you know ..?
Listen to him now.

Chapter 10: A crafty little plan

Tangled up in a vine.
What are you talking about ?

Chapter 11: Overwhelming emotions

Look for Luke.
Amusing my ass.

Chapter 12: Love with a Prince

What are you doing ?!
Please don’t apologize.

Chapter 13: The King’s conspiracy

What about Prince Keith ?!
Wrap your arms around him.

Chapter 14: Opening the gate

Hug him one last time.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+72000RF) & Secret end (+72000RF / 100 Chemistry)


ICON - Keith

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