Takamasa Isumi [Decoding Desire]

PERSO - Isumi

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: A program and a heart

1.02: I’d like to observe.
1.08: I’m sorry.
1.13: That’s just rude !

Chapter 2: The mind of an Android, with the heart of a human

2.04: Yes ..
2.06: I’m sorry !
2.12: I’m actually glad.

Chapter 3: With brusqueness, lies gentleness

3.01: She’s such a cute sister.
3.07: Keeping an eye on me ?
3.14: I’ll explain why.

Chapter 4: A heart that’s started to tilt

4.05: I’ll just watch how things go.
4.09: I’m glad I was able to be of some help.
4.13: Those are valuable.

Chapter 5: Feelings that have flourished

5.04: Oh, it’s really ..
5.10: I stay quiet.
5.14: You’re concerned about me ?

Chapter 6: A step taken forth, a step rushed forth

6.04: A barrette subtly stubbed with pearls.
6.08: His kindness.
6.12: I exit the room quietly.

Chapter 7: A confession by mechanical means

7.02: Stay quiet.
7.07: Adam is right.
7.12: I want to know.

Chapter 8: Connected thoughts, bound hearts

8.03: I stay still.
8.09: I call out.
8.15: Ok, let’s go !

Chapter 9: The gears that have begun to move

9.04: We’re working !
9.06: Are you tired ?
9.12: I grab his hand.

Chapter 10: A hidden message

10.03: Should you be up ?
10.07: I move away.
10.14: He’s selfish.

Chapter 11: Only one thing in mind

11.05: I won’t ask.
11.08: Prepare to get scolded.
11.13: Embrace Mr. Isumi.

Ever After end (+165pts) & On The Morrow end (+165pts)


ICON - Takamasa

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