Yamato Kougami His Feelings [My Forged Wedding PARTY]

PERSO - Yamato

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Childhood memories

She’s like my mother.
Look who’s talking.

Chapter 2: Tears vanish into the night

I do wonder if Kuni is dating her.
Call out to her.

Chapter 3: Melting hearts

I thought I’d clobber the thief with it.
Carry me to bed.

Chapter 4: Happy gold medal

Pat her head and say “Good girl.”
Lightly smack her forehead.

Chapter 5: Dreary days

My rice balls aren’t that bad, either ?
Call her.

Chapter 6: More than fake, less than real

Don’t you dare tell a soul.
Cover her eyes.

Chapter 7: Catching a fastball ..

Happily say “That’s right !”
I’ll finish my work tomorrow.

Super Happy end (+150 Chemistry / +30000pts)


ICON - Yamato

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