Kunihiko Aikawa Season 2 [My Forged Wedding PARTY]

PERSO - Kunihiko ROUTE - Kunihiko Aikawa 2

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: The executive’s party

Apologize to everyone around.
What should we do ?

Chapter 2: Meeting the parents

We’re in a relationship.
Laught shyly.

Chapter 3: Kunihiko and Kunian

That’s dangerous.
Speak to Kunihiko.

Chapter 4: My kind hubby

You choose something.
I’ll meet him.

Chapter 5: Planning our vacation

I’m able to smile.
Give them towels.

Chapter 6: Kunian’s in trouble ?!

You should drink too, Kunihiko.
I’m having fun, too.

Chapter 7: An affair ?!

I nod immediately.
Apologize to my father.

Chapter 8: Kunihiko’s feelings

Call Kunihiko.
Ask him if he’s all right.

Chapter 9: Our special place

His wife.
Tell him I talked to my mother.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+200 Chemistry) & Super Happy end (+240 Chemistry)


ICON - Kunihiko

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