[NOTICE] Hello, Aria here ! #LAST UPDATED 18.05.31

From now on, I’ll update the blog every Monday ! All the CGs will be updated as soon as I acquire them !

31 May 2018:

Hello, I made a spreadsheet for my posting schedule. I just created it yesterday so only June’s schedule is up. July’s one (and maybe more) will be up by Sunday 3rd June. My posts are generally posted around midnight (CET), but sometimes I post them during the day.


14 April 2018:

I don’t have time to go on the pc and then type every new walkthrough everyday. (I could do it via the phone app but then the format of the pics get changed .. And, it’s a bother to go to the pc to change it back again). Monday is my day off and I’m most of the time, free. Now that I opened my mind, I have new games to add on the blog ! I just discovered them so this is the first play. (I posted the screenshot of the game on Instagram, go visit it if you want to know which game I’ll add !)
About the IG account and my walkthroughs BTS .. I’ll (really) update it from this Monday April, 16th. I’ll change my mind about waiting for the entire sheet to be complete until I post it and now I’ll post every new update either with the screenshots (if I didn’t have time to write them down) or with the sheets as previously seen.


2 April 2018:

Hello. I have yet to update some games (until Diamond Girl) and I’m sorry. I uploaded the walkthoughs BTS on Instagram. I’ll delete the walkthroughs when I update them here. THIS IS NOT MY PERSONAL ACCOUNT but I sell some pre-owned kpop merch on this account too so don’t be too bothered because it’s not a walkthoughs exclusive account. And I’m sorry about the height of the posts at the moment, this is to ensure that everything is correct in a post. I’ll try to get everything in order and then make it easier to navigate as soon as possible!
Goodbye, hope you’ll visit the IG account too !

19 March 2018:

Hello, it’s me again ! I’m currently playing a lot of games that I never played before (to see the games I play, look at the sidebar), if you ever play these games too, can you help me with the walkthroughs ? I’m currently working full time (everyday but Monday) and reading about 5 chapters x 19 games is quite hard.
Btw, my most recent posts are all empty. I just basically prepared and scheduled the posts without them being ready. It will probably take a week or two for all the walkthroughs available to be up so I think by April, eveything posted up to Diamond Girl will be up to date.

If you have any new games that you want me to play and work on a walkthrough, please don’t hesitate to comment ! I’ll do my best to make it work.


May 2017:

Hello, this is Aria !
Currently, I can’t work on all the CGs and imagery of all games. I can’t add the photos on WordPress. I’ll still write the walkthroughs, I have a lot more ready to be written out as I’m doing walkthrough since 2014. For several years (2015-2016) I was playing with 2 devices but in December 2016, I deleted my accounts on the second device so I lost a lot of CGs. (I’m currently playing the routes again to get the CGs.)
All the games present on this blog right now (13 games as of May 2017) are the games I’m currently playing. I will probably end every games routes first and then play others games.
I played Accela’s games until March 2016 because I updated my device so it’s not working anymore. And I learned that Accela banned walkthrough so ..

Here are the list of games I will one day add. There are only several games that I never tried and I didn’t play all the routes of the others (meaning I have several walkthroughs ready for some games)

  • Arabian Nights Love Story
  • Office Lover
  • Mononoke Kiss +
  • Angel or Devil +
  • Magic Sword +
  • Scarlet Fate +
  • Lost Island +
  • My Fairy Tales +
  • Destiny Ninja
  • Ninja Love +
  • My Sweet Prince +
  • Ninja Assassin +
  • The Niflheim +
  • Blood in Roses +
  • Wizardess Heart +
  • Destiny Ninja 2+ (Never played)
  • Love Tangle + (Never played)
  • Oz + (Never played)
  • Ninja Shadow + (Never played)
  • Guard me, Sherlock ! + (Never played)
  • Lost Alice + (Never played)
  • Modern Cinderella + (Never played)
  • Life is Beautiful
  • My Strange Lover
  • My Secret Spies
  • My Memorial Lover
  • My Elemental Prince
  • My Angel Romance
  • Undead Lovers
  • My Royal Guardian
  • Love and Conspiracy
  • My Arahitogami Romance
  • Twilight Hunters
  • The Fateful Encounter
  • School Wonders Romance
  • My Forbidden Lover
  • Midgard Love ~ The Oath of God ~
  • Wizard Tower
  • Reverse Alice, Queen in Wonderland
  • MysticMessenger
  • Begin Again
  • Heart Strings
  • Ghost Love (or was it Love Ghost ?)
  • Sweet Café
  • Midnight Cinderella

5 thoughts on “[NOTICE] Hello, Aria here ! #LAST UPDATED 18.05.31

  1. Dawn says:

    Seven hotties Gaia do you know what year he came out just started playing a couple of months ago


    • Aria G says:

      If I remember correctly, his route was released back in 2016. I’m currently back in his route right now and really, I can confirm that the reason why it’s restricted is because of n.2 .. I’m sorry I can’t help you


    • Aria G says:

      Hello, I’m sorry but the protected posts are for now restricted because: 1. they are under construction (I mixed some answers and need time to get it right). 2. the walkthrough is a total mess (nothing is correct).
      May I ask which post you wanted to have access to ?


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