Takao Maruyama [My Forged Wedding PARTY]

PERSO - Takao ROUTE - Takao Maruyama 1

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: Leave it to the lawyer !

Look at Takao.
What if she finds out ?

Chapter 2: A dinner seasoned by tears

I must be dreaming.
A father.

Chapter 3: A treasure in the sunset

I never thought about it.
Just say you will.

Chapter 4: Tatsuki’s secret chat

That’s a secret.
Should I believe you ?

Chapter 5: Husband at work

Are you jealous ?

Chapter 6: Newlyweds detective agency

Probably because we live together.
You’re so cute.

Chapter 7: A night at training camp

I feel bad for you, Takao.
I don’t know.

Chapter 8: Waiting in vain ?

Then, will you make me your wife ?
I look forward to it.

Chapter 9: His warm back

We may only be pretending, but we’re still kind of married.
I’ve never seen you look like this before.

Chapter 10: Wife caught cheating ?!

All right.
Immediately deny it.

Chapter 11: No way ! We’re going to be parents ?!

I’ll go make some tea.
Why don’t you ask Papa Takao ?

Chapter 12: After the picnic

Do it.
Kids are great.

Chapter 13: Moonlight night confession

I’m just so happy to be working with flowers.
It wasn’t an inconvenience.

Chapter 14: Contract termination

How could you tell ?
You go ahead.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+280 Chemistry) & Super Happy end (+300 Chemistry)


ICON - Takao


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