Kunihiko Aikawa [My Forged Wedding PARTY]

PERSO - Kunihiko ROUTE - Kunihiko Aikawa 1

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: A mysterious fiance appears

No, we don’t.
I can trust him.

Chapter 2: Our first date; a baseball stadium

Where are we going ?
Accept his offer.

Chapter 3: Time to be a CEO’s wife ?!

Have her tell him my name.
Copy uncle Kunihiko.

Chapter 4: My husband’s big crisis

She didn’t seem like that kind of person.
Contradict him.

Chapter 5: What I can do

Tell him I’m the fiancee.
I know.

Chapter 6: Sushi roll party

How to make coffee.

Chapter 7: Surprise present

Even you ride trains.
I hope I have.

Chapter 8: The warmth in my dreams

I’d love to.
Hold on to him.

Chapter 9: The suspicious birthday card

Think about it.
Can you sit down and wait ?

Chapter 10: Unseen feelings

Help him.
Don’t apologize.

Chapter 11: Confession

Cool it down for him.
Tell him the truth.

Chapter 12: Kunihiko’s past

With pleasure.
I’m sure he’ll come.

Chapter 13: Reconciliation dinner

Tell her about how I left home.
Hold his hand.

Chapter 14: Bouquet of happiness

Are you seeing me with new eyes ?
Tell him.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+280 Chemistry) & Super Happy end (+300 Chemistry)


ICON - Kunihiko

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