Minami Kira [Several Shades Of Sadism]

PERSO - Minami

Invitation code: MdKRyC

Chapter 1: My master is a weirdo

1.03: What’s that supposed to mean ?
1.07: Tell him to stop.

Chapter 2: Rental concierge

2.05: Don’t say anything.
2.09: No thanks.

Chapter 3: I don’t understand

3.04: I’m mad.
3.10: What’s going on ?

Chapter 4: The man behind the mask

4.04:I know that.
4.08: Yes.

Chapter 5: The genius’s method

5.03: Stroke his hair.
5.09: You must really not want to go.

Chapter 6: Insuperable Distance

6.04: Whatever.
6.10: Because I want to be with you.

Chapter 7: First date and surprise attacks

7.05: You’re a workaholic.
7.08: Thanks ?

Chapter 8: Worry and danger

8.04: Well ..
8.09: That’s not true !

Chapter 9: Abyss

9.03: I’m glad you’re safe.
9.0: Is it that weird ?

Chapter 10: Release

10.01: What are you going to do to me ?
10.09: You knew that already.

Chapter 11: Determination

11.04: You’re so sweet, Mr. Minami.
11.10: I hope that’s true.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+100pts)


ICON - Minami

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