Mei Tarantino [Several Shades Of Sadism]


Invitation code: MdKRyC

Chapter 1: The first task

1.02: I’d like to do it.
1.10: I’m so sorry.

Chapter 2: Top class work

2.03: What do you mean ?
2.06: Would you like some tea ?

Chapter 3: Chocolate cake

3.03: Sorry, sir.
3.07: I’ll go.

Chapter 4: Leap

4.05: Don’t bother him.
4.07:I can learn.

Chapter 5: A pro’s guts

5.05: You want sugar, right ?
5.08: I would love to.

Chapter 6: First apology

6.03: Look at me.
6.06: It was like a perfect harmony.

Chapter 7: The silenced piano

7.01: So should you.
7.07: Is it because of you, Mr. Mei ?

Chapter 8: All alone

8.03: Seriously ?
8.05: Are you talking about your hands ?

Chapter 9: Precious hand

9.03: I want you to get better.
9.08: I want to know.

Chapter 10: Twinkling star

10.01: You’re going to watch all these ?
10.09: It’s thanks to you.

Chapter 11: Resolve

11.05: Just a little.
11.08: That’s so sweet.

Normal end (Default) & Happy end (+100pts)


ICON - Mei

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