Satsuki Kitaoji [Sleepless Cinderella PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Satsuki Kitaoji

Invitation code: I have none.

Common route

Episode 1: A word of lights

The CEO on the right.

Episode 2: Lucky Cinderella

I introduce myself.
Try talking to someone.

Episode 3: Up-close and personal

Talk back to him.
The entrance.

Episode 4: Spellbound

I can’t stand it.
My jacket.

Chapter 1: The perfect gentleman

Did I ..
It’s ok, I’m going to run to work.

Chapter 2: Cinderella for the night

Are you sure you want me to ?

Chapter 3: My own sense of justice

Talk to them.
Just come straight out with it.

Chapter 4: A middle class date

Be happy.
I had a lot of fun, too.

Chapter 5: The neighbor

We shouldn’t go out.
Deny it.

Chapter 6: A rainy sunday

Try again.
Are you thinking about work.

Chapter 7: Worrywort

Are you hiding somthing ?
Of course.

Chapter 8: Getting closer

We’ve been waiting for you.
To tell you the truth ..

Chapter 9: Life at the Kitaoji House

Bow to the butler.
He helped me.

Chapter 10: A man named Michele Zola

Interesting ..?
Scold him.

Chapter 11: Dissonance

I’d rather not.
I had fun, too.

Chapter 12: Hidden passion

Of course I can !
It’s just about finished.

Chapter 13: Rejection

I think I just woke up too early.
Hesitate answering.

Chapter 14: Our feelings

Don’t move.
I’ll stay with you.

Happy end (Default) & Super Happy end (+42000TF) & Secret end (+42000TF / 80 Chemistry)


ICON - Satsuki

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