Ryoichi Hirose [Sleepless Cinderella PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Ryoichi Hirose

Invitation code: I have none.

Common route

Episode 1: A word of lights

The CEO on the right.

Episode 2: Lucky Cinderella

I introduce myself.
Try talking to someone.

Episode 3: Up-close and personal

Talk back to him.
The entrance.

Episode 4: Spellbound

I can’t stand it.
My jacket.

Chapter 1: A dream come true

I shake my head no in shock.

Chapter 2: Best laid plans

Don’t give up.
I won’t degnify that with an answer.

Chapter 3: Who’s that woman ?

Of course not.
Is that bad ?

Chapter 4: What readers want

I’ll do my best.
I think you probably are.

Chapter 5: The writer Ryoichi Hirose

We’re just working together.
It’s just as I expected.

Chapter 6: Mystified

I’m not your toy to play with.
I don’t really need to go on a date.

Chapter 7: The trip

If you say so.
It’s because I’m with you.

Chapter 8: A party to remember

I nod.
Of course he’s not my type.

Chapter 9: Riddles

I want to talk to you about something.
I answer noncommittally.

Chapter 10: The scandal

I have no idea ..
He’d never plagiarize someone’s else work.

Chapter 11: A moral question

Keep quiet.
I have to go apologize to him.

Chapter 12: The last resort

I had no idea.
I can’t forgive him.

Chapter 13: Best allies

It’s kind of a long story, but ..
It’s ok.

Chapter 14: Face-off

All I wanted was the truth.
.. Hug Ryoichi.

Happy end (Default) & Super Happy end (+42000TF) & Secret end (+42000TF / 80 Chemistry)


ICON - Ryoichi

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