Ryoichi Hirose Season 2 [Sleepless Cinderella PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Ryoichi Hirose S2

Invitation code: I have none.

Chapter 1: One year later

You noticed ?
Thanks for hosting me.

Chapter 2: Living together

I’ll cook for you anytime.
You were in on this ?

Chapter 3: Ryoichi’s roots

It’s embarrassing.
I need to introduce myself.

Chapter 4: An unexpected side

We will be someday.
Did you come here to see me ?

Chapter 5: Another whirlwind trip

Are you sure ?
Let’s go get him !

Chapter 6: His father’s words

Talk back.
I’d support you.

Chapter 7: Family ties

I went to Cendrillion.
I want to help you !

Chapter 8: Becoming a couple

Look up this guy.
I’m happy.

Chapter 9: For Ryoichi

Look at Ryoichi.
I hate it.

Chapter 10: Peaceful days

Nod silently.
We all did it together.

Happy end (Default) & Super Happy end (+20000TF) & Secret end (+20000TF / 60 Chemistry)


ICON - Ryoichi

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