Mirai Kageyama [Sleepless Cinderella PARTY]

PERSO ROUTE - Mirai Kageyama

Invitation code: I have none.

Common route

Episode 1: A word of lights

The CEO on the right.

Episode 2: Lucky Cinderella

I introduce myself.
Try talking to someone.

Episode 3: Up-close and personal

Talk back to him.
The entrance.

Episode 4: Spellbound

I can’t stand it.
My jacket.

Chapter 1: Morning surprise

Reach out and pet it.
Tell him exactly what happened.

Chapter 2: Impromtu Interview

ASk for everyone’s help.
Tell him what you want to ride.

Chapter 3: Newlyweds

Ask Noel.
Be friendly like we promised.

Chapter 4: A whole new side

The light pink knit dress.
Ask about Mirai’s day to day personality.

Chapter 5: Getting closer

Trust him and wait.
Play along.

Chapter 6: Warm feelings

Pretend to get a phone call.
It was terrifying

Chapter 7: Jealousy ?


Chapter 8: Cold shoulder

Call Cendrillon.
Don’t ask him anything.

Chapter 9: Back together

Look over the interview notes.
His past.

Chapter 10: The truth

Call out to them.
Touch his shoulder, then poke his cheek.

Chapter 11: Lips almost touching

Make a joke.

Chapter 12: For your smile

Wriggle out of the rope.
See you tomorrow.

Chapter 13: The investigation

Tell them about last night.
Call Satsuki.

Chapter 14: No match

I missed you.
Go with him no matter what he says.

Happy end (Default) & Super Happy end (+42000TF) & Secret end (+42000TF / 80 Chemistry)


ICON - Mirai

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